The Fourth Annual Platte River Writing Retreat and Marathon

Items from the Write About Found Stuff ritual

Teacher-writers (with their writing-friendly friends and family) descended once again on Platte River State Park for the annual Nebraska Writing Project Platte River Writing Retreat and Marathon on Sept. 9-11. This year saw the return of the Friday Night Write about Found Stuff Ritual and NeWP Family Quilt Show as well as a debut of the Great Platte River Dance Party.  Writing Marathoners roamed the park as well as the neighboring town of Louisville on Saturday afternoon, then gathered for a read-around on the festive screen porch of Owen Cabins 6 and 7.  Here’s what I read for the read-around:

Stopping by Louisville City Park

Yesterday’s Write About Found Stuff Ritual yielded a theme of transformation, thanks to the candles and to cecropia moth caterpillars and to the conflagration of writers in the woods.

Today we are transformed by the writing marathon into bold adventurers, unafraid to wander through Louisville and engage soda fountain jerks, unafraid to stride into a biker bar tucked away on a gravel road next to the MoPac trail.

What emboldens us?  The good company of our fellow writers and a gentle but guiding sense of purpose.  Because we are together, people by and large seem accommodating, helpful, and even curious.  We’re open to going in, going out, asking questions, taking a look, having a taste, listening in, trying out, and just generally wandering about.

Folks don’t know what we’re up to, but we seem harmless enough with our notebooks and pens.  We seem happy.  We’re interested in their stories and their places.  And we tip well.





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